Releasing on July 12, DanMachi Season 2 is the one of the most anticipated summer show. The show debuted with Episode 0 ” Past on Future” on July 5. The DanMachi Season 2 recently shared some preview stills Episode 1 with a loose translation of Episode summary. Have a look:

Preview Images

DanMachi Season 2 episode 1 Synopsis

He defeated the black hierarchy owner (Golias) in 18 levels and survived safely [Hestia Familia] belongs to Bell Kranel. A modest spree held between the dungeon quests. At that seat, Bell receives outrageous provocation from other adventurers, causing a brawl. The opponent of the brawl-Apollon Familia. The leader, Lv. The bell is beaten by the end of the day against the adventurer Hyukintos of 3. Later, one letter at Bell and Hestia. It was an invitation to a god feast hosted by Apollon.

Yuka Iguchi is returning to perform  the opening theme music for DanMachi Season 2 “HELLO TO DREAM”. He previously performed the Opening the es songs for Season 1, Spin-off anime Sword Oratoria and anime movieDanMachi: Arrow of Orion.

Most of the staff at J.C. Staff Studio will return to adapt the second season except series director Yoshiki Yamakawa who will be replaced by Circlet Princess director Hideki Tachibana. The fact that most of core members are returning assures that it won’t much of a train wreck like One Punch Man Season 2. 

Hideki Shirane will undertake scriptwriting . Meanwhile Shigeki Kimoto will provide character designs. Sound director Jin Aketagawa, and composer Keiji Inai are also returning for the second season.


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