New Dragon Ball Super Movie Already Under Development Stage

Well if you are Dragon Ball Super fan then a good news just have ringed your bell. Fans have been waiting for progressive update in the franchise and it seems like a new movie is under development process.

A scan of Interview
A scan of Interview

Recently the Dragon Ball Super: Broly‘s Blu-ray and DVD box went on sale in Japan. The box contains a booklet with a interview with Akio Iyoku, Editor at Shueisha and Norihiro Hayashida, the DBS:Broly Producer where they mentioned a new Dragon Ball Super movie under development. 

”We are steadily making preparations for the next Dragon Ball movie. Broly was excessively powerful, so we think things will probably head in a completely different direction next time around.” Iyouka said.

Further he talked about a titbit about DBS: Broly movie, “We raised the bar a lot with Broly so we’re trying to avoid becoming burnt out. I think Dragon Ball will continue from here on out so we want you all to look forward to what’s coming up next.”

While Hayashida commented,“ There are a lot of things that we have come to see through raising the bar so much.”

”This time we went so crazy on things such as staffing and casting that it made even myself think that it would not be possible to get any better.
But with this experience in hand, we will continue to aim even higher and higher.”

The interview ended with this last comment from Iyouka,“ There are a bunch of things that we could not do this time, so I think whatever comes next will be even more incredible. Please look forward to it.”

While Toei Animation still has to make official announcement regarding the project but with the insane success of DBS:Broly, a continuation doesn’t seem like a impossible feat.

So which type of movie of you are looking forward. A sequel or a new original concept?


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