Ruri Ichigyō | Hello World
 Ruri Ichigyō | Hello World

The official website to Sword Art Online Director’s fall anime original movie “Hello World” released a new teaser trailer.

The movie will open in Japanese theaters on September 20th, 2019. Studio Graphinica is animating the movie.

The film will be a time travel story set in the year 2027 in Kyoto, Japan.

It is claimed to be a story that “no one has ever seen about someone finding themselves” although with “scenes, views, and lights that everyone knows.”

It will be really interesting to see how time travel works in this film, whether it will be simple as Orange, or complicated as Your Name.

Sword Art Online and Erased anime director, Tomohiko Ito is directing the anime series for Graphinica. 

Yukiko Horiguchi (K-ON!, Lucky Star, Tamako Love Story) is providing character designs. While Mado Nozaki is credited for story’s screenplay.

The cast members includes:

Minami Hamabe as Ruri Ichigyō, Naomi’s classmate and fellow library committee member.

Takumi Kitamura as Naomi Katagaki, the film’s shy 16-year-old high school protagonist.

Tori Matsuzaka as Naomi Katagaki, but 10 years older, from the future.


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